Creative Switzerland welcomes you to...

It is December!

Yes, the last month of the year just arrived at our doors. It is time when many of us make “gain&loss analysis”, try to find perfect gifts, rush to meet the end of the year deadlines, make New Year’s resolutions, reflect & celebrate.

In this special month, we decided to focus just on the last part: “reflection & celebration”. It has been an inspiring year, and we are overwhelmed by the support and love, we received from many of you. “Thank you!” to all our readers, followers and creative enthusiasts. Creative Switzerland wouldn’t be possible without you.

Before we all enter the new decade, we would like to spend precious time with you over a cup of coffee/tea or mulled wine.
A time full of gratitude & creative ideas. 
Just drop us a message if you are interested. We are looking very much forward to hearing from you!

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