Dear Creative Visitor...

If you’re searching for unique encounters while travelling through beautiful mountainous Switzerland, we have something special for you. Our creative partners will give you an opportunity to discover your creative potential – one workshop at a time, and to explore Switzerland, you would have never guessed, exists.

At Creative Switzerland we believe in the power of human interaction and connection. We enable creative workshop providers in Switzerland to feature their workshops. We also support them on their entrepreneurial journey with personalized marketing activities and strategies.

Our values

Every person is creative. Being creative means to think and act outside of the comfort zone and to question the accepted truth, to see the world differently. 
Creativity is the best friend of Innovation. 

We’re here to encourage creativity among our communities. 
We hope, our workshops will help you to discover your creative potential even more! 
Our job is to give you the tools to find creative confidence in your life.

Being an entrepreneur means to bring about real change and development. It also means to create, to learn how to take responsibility, how to become a leader, and how to fail and start over – without feeling guilty. 

We’re here to support creative entrepreneurs all around Switzerland! We hope, our platform will help you to promote your creative services and to connect with your customers. 
Our job is to give you the tools to achieve your entrepreneurial success. 

Intercultural communication is an important element of social and economic development. We live in the global world and making people aware and curious about different cultures is not more a question, it’s a necessity.

We’re here to spread the word about the beauty of diversity! We hope, our workshops will help you to discover and develop cross-cultural competencies, understand diversity to succeed in life and to shape a global society. 
Our job is to provide you with the best quality of intercultural experience.